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September 17, 2012
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ZERO--00 - Sarah T. Costa by Arucelli ZERO--00 - Sarah T. Costa by Arucelli
:iconzero--00: trying out, probably the last group application for a while :3

Name :

-Sarah T. Costa

D.O.B :

-September 9th

Age :


Gender :


Height :


Occupation :

-Desk Clerk at a Toy Shop

Zone :

-Zone 3

Demonic Weapon :

Can be viewed here: [link]

-It is a magical weapon made from the energy generators on her arms and limbs. Her weapon form is a scythe called "Crescent Reaper", which uses its energy charge to form a sharp cutting weapon. It also lets out flares of electricity when a part of it touches water or anything that spreads electric charges. Also has the danger of setting flammable things on fire.

Personality :

-Sarah has a very serious demeanor, and is like a ghost. She rarely talks unless she has to, and her face is constantly flat. She has almost no killer tendencies, but once every year she spends an entire day wandering around a small abandoned theme park whose Ferris Wheel still operates. She has an expressed hate for drunkards and potheads, and spends much of her time out in town with her hood up. She likes staying to the dark alleys, and tries to avoid crowds as much as she can. She also spends a lot of time in the park on a wooden bench facing a partially broken fountain, and broods over various things in her head. She also likes spending a lot of time in Zone 2, sneaking into construction sites and climbing up to the top. None of the construction workers really notice her because of her faint presence.

History :

-Sarah's mother and father were very fun loving people, and often went on vacations to pursue their dreams. They had a child just so that they could say they were parents and have experienced that part of life, but quickly left Sarah in the care of her aunt and uncle in order to travel around the world. While her uncle was a drunkard her aunt was a very kind old lady who owned a Toy Shop not far from the residential apartment the three lived in.

Sarah spent most of her time with her aunt, cooking, singing, shopping, and the two developed a very close relationship, the closest that Sarah has ever had. She confided in her aunt with everything, and she kept no secrets from her. As a young child Sarah looked up to her aunt as a mother, and treated her with great respect. She was also quite mischevious as a little kid and loved climbing to tall heights, developing a fast speed and flexible agility. Her aunt also frequently took her to Zone 2, and she often times snuck into the construction sites to climb the bars. Sarah was content with her life, and she grew up very modest, with low self esteem and a mature attitude. She loved her aunt so much, and did all she could to keep her safe.

When she was in high-school however, her aunt was hit by a truck while on her way home from the Toy Shop. While Sarah was in shock and depression, her uncle acted as though nothing was different. He continued lazying around on the couch, and forced Sarah to take two part time jobs in conjunction to her education in order for them both to be able to live with a roof over their heads. After deciding that she couldn't take the extra stress, Sarah dropped out of school and focused on having jobs at various stores, working as a clerk and a seamstress. Sarah also balanced her jobs with keeping the Toy Shop open, firmly believing that her aunt would have wanted the shop to continue no matter what.

At the age of 16, her cousin came to visit his father. He worked in Central and had a very beautiful wife, obviously rich and has been living in comfort all her life. He seemed polite, and seemed to have an interest in Sarah. Because she didn't wish to cause any trouble to anyone especially her uncle, Sarah smiled and served in whatever they wanted, trying her hardest to get them comfortable. While her cousin seemed relenting and appreciative, his wife was disgusted by the plain decor of their apartment. She became preoccupied with redecorating the entire apartment room during her stay.

With his wife's attention completely diverted from her husbands actions, Sarah's cousin began spending more time with Sarah, emitting a very flirty type atmosphere. Sarah felt very uncomfortable, and tried to push him away. However one stormy night he drank one too many glasses of wine, and became a little too demanding. Frightened, Sarah ran into the rain towards no where in particular, only wanting to get away from her rabid cousin. He followed behind her with the one goal of completely destroying her.

He followed her into the more undeveloped parts of Zone 3, the lights of the various amusement parks dotting the background. Sarah ran in desperation towards the rail road, forgetting that it was a dead end with a fence running parallel to the tracks for thousands of miles. A train passed by them, completely blocking her quick escape. He had cornered her, completely overtaken by his urge to ruin his pretty cousin. He was quite strong, and forced her up against the fence. Using the last of her strength, Sarah pushed her cousin back up to the train. Due to the rain, the mud next to the track was soft and slick, causing him to lose his balance and go under the train's fast moving wheels. He died instantly, his head completely crushed.

Horrified, Sarah dragged the body into a fall in on the side of the hill, burying it. She ran back to the apartment, and gathered her clothes. She crept out of the house, and left everything behind. She used part of her money to dye her hair a bubble pink, and wore contacts to change her hazel nut eyes to green. She left Zone 3 for the next 3 years, living instead with a friend of her aunts in Zone 2.

She later returned at the age of 19 to find that the death of her cousin had become the mystery of Zone 3, and that his wife was furiously trying to find his killer. She did not suspect that her ordinary cousin-in-law had caused his death. Meanwhile, her Uncle was forced into the streets because he could not pay the rent, and the apartment room was for sale still. Afraid of being connected to her past crimes, Sarah moved into an empty storage room above the Toy Shop, which had remained closed under the excuse of "product stockup". To this day Sarah continues to work in the Toy Shop, and frequently visits Zone 2 with gifts for her aunt's friend for taking care of her the last 3 years.

Likes & Dislikes :

+Climbing things
+High heights/areas
+Cloudy days
-Hot weather
-Alcoholics and potheads
-People who don't have any sense of responsibility

Etc :

+Makes dolls for the Toy Shop
+Goes to Zone 2 quite often
+Tries to avoid the train tracks in Zone 3 and anyone who knew her before the incident of her cousin's death
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lizardlaser Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
my name is sarah XD
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